Saturday, December 20, 2008


The success story of the GYCA Team can never be made possible if not for the actions, guidance, suggestions and the goodwill of some community actors, who saw the need to work with us and encourage others to be part of the project.
These actors helped us with information about where in the community we can go to, reliable people and groups to work with, likes and dislikes of the poeple and other valueable information.
They gave us names of some community role modles we can work with, some of these people are male and female youth role modles and some outstanding women in the community, who through simple ways and modest ways are working to bring about lasting peace in the community.
The pictures above include a cross section of some of our major community actors, their include:
*The community Elders' Council
*The community leader ..... Chief D.N. Okeleke
*The community women Leader.....Mrs Vivian Egbowawa
*A community Elder......Mr Okonkwo Patrick Akoh
*The community Youth leader.....Mr. Anthony Okolie was not around when we came, we hope to meet with him soon in our next vist.


On 20th Dec 2008, the GYCA Team embarked on an Advocacy trip to Ugbolu community as part of the preparation activities for the CDGAP project, a 3 months Anti HIV/AIDS and sustainable human development project for the rural youth in Delta State, a project made possible by the GYCA COUNTRY grants.
The pictures above shows the entrance to the communty, the market place (the day we visited was not the regular market day) the self-help community water project, the community leader's house is behind the community water tank project and finally the foot path leading to the farm.
The community is blessed with industrious farmers and enterprising traders, in all the community need mechanized farming system and an improved training in business management skills, their children are very promising and any investment in the Ugbolu community child is a virgin investment.